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i enrolled in uei this january of 2011 IN THE VAN NUYS CA 91411 inMEDICAL BILLING AN CODING the teacher didnt teach us anything she didnt even know medisoft she would give us 30 min breaks other student would come to class late MOST OF THEM CHEAT ON TEST AND PRETTY MUCH PAY THEM 15K FOR TYPING CLASSES THEY SHOULD OF NAMED THE CLASS TYPING NOT MEDICAL BILLING TEACHER WOULD say do work on workbooks and she still gave them 100% WHEN STUDENT DIDNT EVEN DO THE WORK they suck and all they want is your 15k you have to pay back i was there a mth an now im screwed cuz i have to pay for the mth i was there i payed the school for an education an i was not given one so i dropped the class they have A BUNCH OF IDIOTS TEACHING CLASS A MRS LIPTON BS EVERY1 YOU CAN WRITE A BOOK TEACH A CLASS OPEN YOUR OWN OFFICE THATS ALL BULL THEY DONT TEACH YOU MEDISOFT OR CASE STUDIES CPT AN ICD-9 CODING THEY SUCK DO GET SCREWED THEY DO GIVE YOU AN EDUCATION THEY WANT YOUR 15K YOU HAVE TO PAY THEM WHICH EQUALS TO 86DOLLARS A DAY FOR NOTHING

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HOW UNITED EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE is a rip off. you pay all this money back to government and nothing

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I am so upset with UEI in Van nuys California. I have been charged 15,ooo for a education I could have gotten for 1400. I Took classes that cannot be used in hospitals. But they did not inform you of that. I have been in constant contact with them to find out about a phelbotomy class i took that was not legal and you have no certifications with the state of Sacramento. I have been ill and you can have forbearance but the interest accues to where I will never be able to pay it off. I just feel like the government is letting the people of big business do such things to people who are already having a hard life, trying to make could on debts and be honest. this is the very thing that make some people go nuts.


Some help here.


I have also inquired about a forgiveness plan, but it would not apply to CNA, Medical assistants or even office clerks. WHY! I would be willing to do volunteer work.

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I am an attorney from Duckor Spradling Metzger & Wynne. Our firm has filed a lawsuit of behalf of students UEI College for unlawful and deceptive business practices. We would like to here about your experience and see if you fit into the class of students we are representing. Please call or email either myself (wilson@dsmwlaw.com, (619) 209-3046) or Annette Clark (clark@dsmwlaw.com, (619) 209-3054) to set up a phone interview.

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